Monday, January 2, 2012

Books and Blog

I am a freelance writer and haiku poet who has written or edited the following books:

The Breath of Surrender is a collection of haiku about recovery from various addictions. It is available from

Dreams Wander On is a collection of haiku written with awareness of one's own mortality. This collection is also available at In addition to the book, I have created a blog for posting death awareness haiku. Please visit the blog at:

Suffering Buddha: The Zen Way beyond Health and Illness is a collection of prose poems about living with chronic illness and pain. It is available on or through Trafford Publishing. I am the primary author and Stacy Taylor is the secondary author.

Living Well with a Hidden Disability is a self-help book about coping with chronic illness and pain. Stacy Taylor, LCSW, is the primary author and I am the secondary author. This book is available used at or

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